A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


A Letter From Momo is a cozy first person 3D puzzle game for PC about discovering one's lost heritage by solving puzzles to be able to decipher a mysterious letter.


  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Unique setting and story inspired by Sámi culture
  • Wonderful music by Amanda Östman


You have suddenly received a letter from your recently deceased grandmother, also known to you as Momo. However, this letter is partially in an unknown language, and the readable part ends like it continues into the unknown. As this was sent from your late grandmother, you decide to travel all the way to her old home in the north to look for any clues that can help you decipher the true meaning of the last parts of the letter.


WASD-keys to move

Mouse to move the camera

E to interact with the environment

Left Mouse Button to inspect items

Q to exit the zoomed in puzzle

ESC to quit


Hanna Isaksson - 2D + 3D Graphics, Concept Artist, Original Story Concept, Level Design, Narrative, UI Elements

Anton Kim Johnsson - Lead Artist, 3D Graphics, Environment Artist, Concept Artist, Level Design

Anna Wuolo - Technical Artist, Narrative & Script, Audio Management

Sharon Kilili - Project Management, Puzzle Design

Oskar Bergman - Gameplay Design, Puzzle Design, Audio Management

Johan Dahlstedt - Lead Programmer

Amanda Östman - Music Composer

Install instructions


  • Download the .zip and unpack it
  • In the unpacked folder there should be an .exe file
  • Double-click the .exe and the game should run.


[Mac] A letter from Momo 1.03.app.zip 133 MB
[PC] A letter from Momo 1.03.zip 131 MB

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